All projects are the first project.

The bicycle as an object is a very special one. It contains the magic of being a device with dynamic balance, and the emotional burden of being the first personal vehicle. An object between a toy and a self-propelled vehicle. From another angle, its significance is revised today for its environmental sustainablility.

When I finished my studies in technical architecture and my post-graduate studies, I went to work at the Orbea bicycle factory, almost like by intuition.
B & G was my first project in my first “serious work” and I still work with Orbea.
Initially, B & G was technically designed to enable better learning cyclist and, formally, to be a bike with a mixed frame, suitable for boys and girls (B&G Boys & Girls), leaving the gender differences to the most cosmetic side of the product.

The illusion about this first project, the uncertainty, the emotion, and the search for satisfaction in the outcome are feelings which are still present today. Project to project.

B & G has been shown at the awards Delta Awards 2005 (ADI-FAD).