Exceptionally universal

Bicycles as a means of transportation have clearly taken center stage. This is being driven by a combination of economic factors, social and aesthetic trends, and environmental awareness. The Katu line of urban bicycles (electrically assisted and traditional pedal powered) were created inspired by this new paradigm that combines these exciting times for cycling, in addition to all the realities mentioned above, and my own long experience riding very diferent bikes since I was young (when bikes had a diferent symbolic value as object).

The Katu is a firm commitment to the new mobility, sustainability and usability for nowadays.

Design drastically reduces industrial processes not only from the frame, but from some important components to get this essential design, structurally solid and with a extremely long-lasting appearance. So… there you have Bike for long.

Its 20” wheels (inspired in my BMX race times) are optimal for steering on today’s city streets. These wheels are larger and wider than those typically found on folding bicycles, but smaller than those on a classic bike. They are also lightweight, stable, agile and, as a very important point, less invasive in both pedestrian areas and when parking the bike (at home or on the street).

The Katu’s load distribution system enables to carry a considerable volume and up to 30 kg between the front and rear baskets. It is also designed so that the weight has practically no effect on steering.

Katu it’s made in Europe, at Orbea’s own factory.

Everything about the Katu is unique – even its size!. Katu’s ergonomics are designed to easily fit different size riders, because the more people who can ride it, the better.

The goal is for the Katu to be an essentially practical bike that is natural, easy and comfortable to ride in the city. The idea is to get more people to pedal.

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